Poly Pro Introduction

The Founding Members

Mr G.M Jacobie has the expertise and experience in the engineering and coating market which led them to identify a gap in the market and form their own company to tap into this very lucrative industry.


The main thrust of the corporation is to design unique products and service packages aimed at revolutionizing the building and maintenance industry.


There is a huge demand for a superior and durable service/product in the building and maintenance industry and we have observed the lack of quality service and customer satisfaction in this industry. Our company aims at building a reputable brand that provides excellent products and service with customer satisfaction our priority.

We will market our company initially by word of mouth and social media, which is the most efficient and cost effective manner of advertising. Future advertising through the media via newspaper and radio is another way we will ensure that our company/brand is recognized.

We will be monitoring prices on a regular basis at the introduction stage of our unique service and from time to time we will review the demand of our goods and services to ensure that they are relevant, economical and diverse.


We know and understand how expensive life has become and we aim at providing quality goods and services at affordable prices. We are willing to provide whatever our customers need at a convenient time and at a competitive price for them.

Our key to success is having qualified management who take a hands-on approach, ensuring quality and the proper transfer of goods and services. We strive to be client orientated to deliver superior and quality goods at affordable prices to our clients across the spectrum.

Our vision is to develop and maintain our client base as well as obtain a larger share of the market segment in this industry.

We also aim to meet our client’s budget and needs through:

  • Ensuring excellence in the quality of our service.
  • Ensuring ultimately, total customer satisfaction.


To double the markets share in our respective field across the industry. At Polypro, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs. We take time and care to learn about our market, our industry and our customers, so that we can design suitable solutions that are tailored to their needs and are flexible enough to cope with their changing demand. We recognise that technology and commerce are constantly changing affecting the way the market sector does business. Polypro has the processes, skills and their expertise to deliver excellent service. Our knowledge and experience of our business sector gives us the tools to identify potential opportunities and pitfalls and proactively manage them. Through our proud, motivated and dedicated team, we will provide consistent, outstanding service at reasonable prices. Our superior customer service solutions will ensure that we have the edge over our competitors.

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Our Employees

We have a strong infrastructure in place. In terms of excellent quality goods and services, we are amongst the best. We have extensive sourcing expertise that goes back some thirty years. Our managing member Mr. Lucas Coetzee has been in the engineering industry for over thirty years and this has been our competitive advantage on the many tenders that we have secured. Guersion Coetzee, who is from an electrical and tooling wholesaler that is renowned for getting anything electrical, leads our sales team. We are not restricted to supplying specific brands and this gives us the freedom to give our customer exactly what they want, when they want it. We have one qualified sourcing specialist dedicated to sourcing and an intern who is still studying for her diploma to obtain her degree in procurement. Gregory Jacobie, who has a background in the sourcing and application of various industrial coatings, has extensive experience in polyurea and polyurethane coatings, wear-abrasion coatings, as well as waterproofing and floor sealing.


We are the emerging market for the rest of the world, due to our new dispensation that present multi opportunity for the youth and old alike. With introduction of the new service provider, opportunities have doubled in the industry.


The high rate of crime in our country has a negative effect on the country’s economy which in turn could have an effect on the success of the company.